Toopy and Binoo's Universe

The TV Series

Toopy and Binoo invite preschoolers to delve into their fantastic world through short yet compelling stories. Each story begins in the real world, where Toopy seizes an opportunity to slip into an imaginary universe. Humour and the absurd combine in a series of twists and turns before viewers are brought back into the real world in an ending that is often unexpected and delightful. Deliberately free of moralizing, these stories rather encourage young viewers to use their imagination and look at things with a fresh perspective.

For Toopy and Binoo, the imagination is a source of infinite pleasure. Just by using their imaginations, they have fun becoming different characters, transforming familiar objects into unusual devices, imagining crazy games and coming up with such funny and original solutions to the problems they encounter that they actually become fun! With Toopy and Binoo, there's no need for toys, ten fingers and a big imagination are all you need!

Toopy and Binoo are naturally happy and approach life with gusto. Everything is a source of fun for them. Their open natures provide an endless source of humour, especially Toopy's naiveté, because young viewers identify with him (when they were small, they didn't know either, but now that they're bigger, they love to laugh at Toopy!).

Friendship and Mutual Support
Toopy and Binoo share everything. They are a joyful pair who never get discouraged. Binoo wants a banana? Nothing can stop Toopy from finding one in the jungle. As soon as Binoo is confronted with a problem, Toopy dashes to his rescue with all the power of his imagination. And every time Toopy embarks on a new adventure, Binoo is at his side. Their complicity extends to their friends. As they help the insomniac monsters fall asleep or the dragons find their true love, each outdoes the other in imagination!

New Interactive Capsules: three major themes to get children ready for school

The new TV series is based on three principal learning areas represented by the heroes' new characters: Magic, Captain and Fabulous.

Magic Toopy: solve riddles by using all the senses
With Magic Toopy, children are drawn into worlds that are transformed with the shake of a magic wand. Objects that disappear or are transformed, animals that are hidden but can be heard, bells that move around-these are some of the riddles that Magic Toopy has fun figuring out with the viewer's help. As they play these sensory games young children hone their sense of observation, visual and auditory acuity, concentration and memory.

Captain Toopy: discovering one's everyday surroundings through exploration and experimentation
Everyday life is studded with surprising little events Captain Toopy and Captain Binoo adore. With them, children can play at being space explorers: flying in a space ship, they land in the kitchen, living room or bathroom, and rediscover objects or phenomena that are part of their everyday life. Through these activities, children acquire information about elements' properties (they pour, float, etc.) and learn about the stages of scientific experimentation. This type of activity also prepares children for science activities in kindergarten while stimulating their intellectual curiosity.

Fabulous Toopy: problem-solving using the imagination
With Fabulous Toopy, young viewers come to the aid of a character who is confronted with a problem he is unable to solve. Whatever the nature of the problem (e.g., having no toys to play with, not understanding the game, not being able to find her teddy bear in the dark, having only one banana for two people), TV viewers are encouraged to experiment with Toopy to come up with an imaginative solution. Through these problem-solving activities young children will become aware of the power of the imagination and then apply the imaginative solutions they have just discovered to solve their own problems.

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