Toopy and Binoo's Universe

Toopy and Binoo are inseparable friends who enjoy life to the fullest. Bursting with imagination, they inhabit a fantasy world where incredible situations follow one after another for the enjoyment of TV viewers.

Characters and Places

Toopy is a mouse with a vivid imagination. His spontaneous and naive outlook on his surroundings transforms everything. For Toopy, the world is magical!

Binoo, the tiny cat, is Toopy's ideal companion. He shares in the adventures with absolute wonder and untainted innocence, often outdoing Toopy in imagination, but his insight enables him to perceive things Toopy has missed without even realizing it! Binoo never says a word, but TV viewers will see it all!

The worlds
Toopy and Binoo live in realistic and minimalist settings: a house and a garden containing a few essential furnishings. But everything in their universe defies the laws of nature: every object is a door to an imaginary world; their daily life is a myriad of fantastic stories; and their friends are amazing creatures, each more original than the last. Welcome to Toopy and Binoo's universe, a fantasy world alive with colour and joy!

The Books

Dominique Jolin published her first Toopy and Binoo adventures back in 1996. Using striking graphics and playful humour, the author tells incredible stories chock-full of fascinating details. The series quickly became a smashing success, selling 150,000 copies in Quebec. It is used by educators for teaching reading to schoolchildren. Delighted fans now have more Toopy and Binoo adventures to look forward to, which are also available in shorter formats to allow younger children to discover the joy of reading and living.

Toopy and Binoo are back!

In the second season, the new TV programs reveal Toopy and Binoo in a new light. Whether as magicians, space explorers or superheroes, the two droll little characters embark on the discovery of the amazing phenomena inhabiting their world and invite children into simulated interactions that will give them the impression that they too are participating in their heroes' adventures. The package is completed by 22-minute mini-films featuring Toopy and Binoo in special broadcasts for major holidays like Christmas and Halloween.

The TV Series
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